Addio a Mama Cax, la modella e attivista americana è morta a 30 anni

La modella e attivista americana Mama Cax è morta a 30 anni, le era stata amputata una gamba da ragazzina a causa di un tumore.

Mama Cax

Mama Cax è morta, all’improvviso mentre si trovava a Londra. La modella e attivista americana era molto seguita sui social perchè era una vera guerriera, da piccola si è ammalata di tumore e le hanno dovuto amputare una gamba. Mama Cax ha dimostrato che la disabilità non è un limite, è riuscita a farsi strada e ad essere un esempio di bellezza, femminilità e seduzione, sfoggiato con disinvoltura la sua protesi.

La splendida Mama Cax, nata a Brooklyn nel 1989 con il nome di Cacsmy Brutus, è stata di esempio per tante persone e la sua storia, la sua bellezza e la sua forza sono state il motivo per cui tante case di moda l’hanno scelta per collaborazioni e lavori, per veicolare un messaggio di inclusività e di positività.

A causa del cancro alle ossa, all'età di 15 anni i medici hanno dovuto amputare la gamba di Mama Cax che si è ritrovata a dover imparare di nuovo tutto, in un’età tra l’altro abbastanza delicata. Nel suo profilo Instagram Mama Cax posa con disinvoltura, a volte con la protesi, altre volte con le stampelle e anche con il moncone a vista o in equilibrio su un piede solo, apparendo sempre bellissima e sicura di sé.

Qualche giorno fa Mama Cax ha avuto un forte dolore addominale, è stata portata in ospedale d’urgenza e i medici le hanno trovato dei coaguli di sangue nella gamba, nella coscia e nell'addome. La causa dei coaguli è sconosciuta ma era ricoverata in ospedale, curata con anticoagulanti e con il divieto assoluto di prendere aerei. Lei aveva raccontato la vicenda ed era un po’ triste perché non avrebbe potuto passare le feste in America con la sua famiglia.

Mama Cax aveva partecipato come modella alla sfilata Savage x Fenty di Rihanna, la popstar ha scritto un messaggio per ricordare la sua amica:

“Una regina. Una forza. Una bellezza potente che ha portato la sua forza sul palcoscenico di @savagexfenty quest'anno ispirando così tante persone in tutto il mondo. Rest in Power sis".


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Y’all 2019 has been one of the best years for me , cannot deny it! but 2019 also tried to take me out 😩 I was gearing up for a wonderful couple of weeks went from celebration an anniversary with bae in Serbia, flew to NY for a quick job then had a quick shoot in London before heading to L.A to celebrate a fruitful yearlong partnership with my #sephorasquad family. While in London I started experiencing severe abdominal pain and was rushed to the emergency room- they dismissed it as an inflammation and sent me back to my hotel with some pain meds. The next morning it got worse, while barely conscious, I asked the hotel to call me an ambulance. They discovered that I had several blood clots in my leg, thigh, abdomen and near an IVC filter near my Lungs (which is a medical device that prevents clots from entering the lungs.) up until this emergency visit I had no idea I had such filter (which I assumed was placed there during my chemo days 14yrs ago) - nonetheless this filter saved my life. Lots of unanswered questions which I’ll have to figure out once I’m back to the States but I’m finally out of the hospital, in less pain, resting and taking blood thinners. Unfortunately flying puts me at risk of a pulmonary embolism therefore I’m stuck across the pond until after Christmas. Hope y’all are gearing up for a wonderful holiday season. (Thanks @sephora for the flowers 😚 and to everyone who took time to message and call me- love you all 🤗) _______________________________________________

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Magazines are reporting that @badgalriri ’s show killed victoria secret I can officially confirm the rumors and if you want to attend the funeral head to @amazonprimevideo to watch the show- see me behind the scenes displaying my extraness on screen. When I heard that @savagexfenty wanted me in the show I was speechless didn’t know what to expect or how I would feel sexy in lingerie. But I had to fulfill my civic duty 🤷🏾‍♀️- Fitting took nearly 3hrs because I was not only vocal about wanting to be comfortable in whatever I wear but the team also made it their priority and took their time in assigning me the perfect outfit. 4 rehearsals later as I crossed a small corridor inside the barclay center I was face to face with Rihanna, as she greeted me with a big hug and expressed how happy she was that I was part of the show... but little did she know I already had all of my sisters prepackaged ready to be sold just to get a ticket to attend 😂😭 Everyone on set was amazingly warm and welcoming. I had never seen such an inclusive show on such a huge scale. On panels I often talk about inclusion and why there’s a lack of disability inclusion- disabled has often been synonymous to safe, tamed, fragile, sexless and it’s time to break these stereotypes. I’m sure the show meant a lot to so many people but for me the biggest message was that there isn’t one way to be or look sexy. @savagexfenty is for EVERY body. Now hold my crutches as I go serve someone a dose of sexiness 😉 😉 #SAVAGEXFENTYSHOW #mamacax __________________________________________

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