Le 10 regole d'oro di Victoria Beckham

Leggo su repubblica che la posh spice, Victoria Beckham, fa nuovamente parlare di se elargendo consigli di stile alle masse.

Attraverso le pagine dell'edizione inglese di Glamour fissa i 10 comandamenti di stile che ogni povera mortale dovrebbe seguire.

E chi meglio di una che spende 145mila euro ogni anno per rinfrescare il guardaroba?!?

Adorata dagli stilisti è diventata in fondo un'icona fashion, forse segnata dal soprannome di esordio come posh spice.

Quindi, se siete curiosi di sapere cosa vi consiglia la regina Vicky, leggetevi (in inglese) i 10 comandamenti nella parte estesa di questo post.

RULE 1: Visualise Your Overall Look

RATHER than looking at a pile of clothes first thing in the morning and wondering what the hell I'm going to throw on, I visualise the overall look I'm going for on that particular day, then pull the pieces together.

Doing it that way round will transform the way you look at your clothes and the way you dress.

RULE 2: Shop The World

I WAS shopping in Japan and picked up loads of great clothes. It's fantastic because they make everything in tiny sizes and are very style-conscious. Everything is so image led and they're always pushing a certain look.

I love vintage clothes stores in New York. Picking up clothes from different countries helps put an individual stamp on your style.

RULE 3: Borrow From Another Era

TAKE inspiration from another decade. I love structured clothing, so I favour 50s styles. They're tailored to give a great silhouette.

Loads of designers, like Roland Mouret, are carrying that lady-like, grown-up Audrey Hepburn look now. Alexander McQueen's vintage-style clothes are beautiful - they make you feel so feminine.

RULE 4: Invest In Timeless Classics

I RARELY buy anything that's obviously from a particular seasons collection. Invest in clothes you can wear from season to season. Five years ago I bought gorgeous Vivienne Westwood boots I still love. The other night I wore a D&G dress that's 11 years old but still looks good. Buy classics that will never date.

RULE5: Find A Fashion Fail-Safe

WHEN you're having a bloated day, always have some emergency figure flatterers.

Last season I invested in some of Stella McCartney's jumper dresses which are a godsend for when you're not feeling particularly good about yourself.

You just pull one on and they make you look sexy.

RULE 6: Accessories Are Necessities

THE right bag, shoes or sunglasses can make or transform the look of an outfit. I never leave the house without sunnies, so I own loads of pairs. Even if you're not that keen on the clothes always check a designer's bags, shoes, jewellery and sunglasses.

I don't often wear Dior clothes but I love their sunglasses.

RULE 7: Dress From The Inside Out

GOOD underwear is a wardrobe staple, but you're either a girl who always wears a matching bra and knickers set or you're not. I fall into the latter category. I love Agent Provocateur knickers and Calvin Klein T-shirt bras. In the summer, I'll wear a plain white vest with a coloured bra underneath.

RULE 8: Be Brave And Customise

I'M into customising clothes, like cutting the waistband off jeans to make them lower on hips. I like buying jumpers from Gap Kids and cutting them up because they're so fitted and can look cool and 70s-inspired. I wear their T-shirts inside out with my jeans (Victoria designs for Rock & Republic) and a fabulous pair of sunglasses. That's a look that can't go wrong.

RULE 9: Trust A Few Faithful Opinions

GENERALLY, I go with my own instincts when it comes to fashion. It's such a personal thing, so of course you're not going to get it right in everyone's eyes.

On the whole I've given up asking for other people's opinions, but I do still listen to the views of my mum and my sister Louise, who I guess is my main shopping buddy.

RULE 10: Classic Style Must-Dos

IT'S great to make a statement now and again but try to stick to a few classic guidelines. If you're revealing lots of cleavage, you should have your legs hidden. Or if you want to show some leg, wear a jumper dress on top. Don't let it all hang out. It's much sexier to leave a little to the imagination.

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